My Story

Michael P. Gagnon

Drive. Passion. Belief. Consistency. Work ethic. These are a few traits I believe an individual needs in order to be a long term success  A great life is not measured by how good looking you are, how much money you have in your bank account or even what kind of car you drive, but rather how many lives you have touched and left a positive impact on.  Born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, I quickly picked up sports including soccer, baseball, basketball and football around the age of seven. As the challenges from the athletics, I enjoyed presented themselves, I quickly found myself eager to develop the skills necessary to take me to the next level. Up until high school I pursued only baseball, but it was then I decided to ditch the bat and glove and pick up a basketball again. This time becoming the varsity captain for three years, leading my team to the State Championships and gaining a love for basketball.  It wasn't until my junior year in high school when I finally decided to incorporate weight lifting and become a healthier, dedicated athlete. By my senior year I gained 15 pounds of muscle, and once again, found myself eager to start the new season. During this time, I started receiving letters from Division-one schools and coaches about potentially joining their program.  The excitement was short lived, as it wasn't until the first scrimmage of the year where I came down from a rebound and tore my meniscus. In order for me to fully recover, I had to sit out for almost half the season to avoid future injuries.  My senior year quickly came to an end. After being forced to sit out my senior year season, my passion for basketball slowly began to fade. At this time I found myself becoming more and more interested with fitness and nutrition. College quickly approached and within a blink of an eye, it was time to sign up for classes. The people I spoke to about which classes to take or majors they had decided on usually responded with no solidified reasons or blatantly couldn't decide on what they wanted to do. I found myself surrounded by individuals who were doing something just to do it, and unlike most I had a clear and compelling vision to pursue Exercise and Wellness.  I knew that learning the benefits of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle were things that not only interested myself but others as well. Having the opportunity to learn and share my passion with others on information that can be beneficial to both parties was one of the things that sold me. Continuing to soak up knowledge in these areas has given me the honor to be able to act as a source of motivation and further push individuals to reach certain goals they had not yet set for themselves. 
If you aren't helping others while reaching your own goals you truly aren't living life to the fullest. Changing lives and creating a shift of belief in someone who may need an extra hand is one of the most rewarding feelings you can have.  Whatever you decide to pursue in life, go the extra mile, it may end up making the ultimate difference